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Development, Consulting & Promotion, Management, Promotion & Publicity, Radio Servicing & Monitoring, Artist Marketing

HSF Artist Services is an Australian built music company, founded in 2012 by Tom Inglis. With experience in the music industry ranging from record company sales, promotion, publicity and marketing to now include artist and event management.

Our services have been part of success stories for a number of artists, and labels including Universal Music Australia, EMI Music Australia, ABC Music Australia, Lost Highway Australia, BMG Australia, Cooking Vinyl, Kobalt Music, Ambition Entertainment, Big Loud, Toyota Star Maker, Caroline Music Australia, Kaylens Rain, Melanie Dyer, Brad Butcher, Melody Moko, Brad Cox, Kaylee Bell, Cassidy Rae Gaiter, Juliet Oliver, Jessica Emily Odgers, Matt James, Jade Holland, Blake O'Connor, Bryce Sainty, Keely Johnson and Sophia Chesworth.

“There are few people that I admire and respect as much as Tom Inglis.  His knowledge and experience of the music industry has guided me like no other and I’m luck to work with him and to call him a mate” Brad Butcher


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Development, CONSULTING & Promotion

HSF Artist Services gives independent artists a way to deliver their music to the market place, while maintaining possession of their recordings. We guide artists on a pathway forward and execute a strategy that increases prominence above the humbug in today’s media space.  


PROJECT Management

At record labels, those appointed to marketing specific artists are Label, Project or Product Managers. Project Managers create and implement the plan for the artists and ensure that the sales and promotion team have all the information and tools to carry out their jobs for the greatest effectiveness. HSF Artist Services acts as a your Label Manager. Like a wedding planner, recognising and endorsing the most efficient and cost-effective business partners are engaged however safeguarding the artist’s creative pathway.

HSF Artist Services assists artists in expressing their dreams and making them realise it, priding our originality, honesty and credibility in both us and our artists. We love building careers and have expertise and relationships with label management, artist development, retail sales, touring, digital sales, marketing, festivals, publicity, radio promotion and more.


Promotion & Publicity

At HSF Artist Services, we are passionate about country music, that's why we specialise in combined media PR. We offer radio servicing, monitoring and plugging promotional services to Record Companies, Independent Labels or Signed & Unsigned Artists who need a knowledgeable connected partner to push their music to Australian country radio and TV. We service artists' music to all country music radio and television stations across Australia, delivering artists with value radio and television promotions along with interviews to ensure artists get the best coverage for their music.


Radio Servicing & Monitoring

HSF Artist Services can get your music to media via a number of promotional music distribution services including those used by all major record labels and thousands of independents in more than 45 countries. We use an industry standard monitoring service used by all major record labels and label services, we deliver intelligence direct to artists about their music from local app radio to +DAB and major terrestrial radio.


Artist Marketing

HSF Artist Services work closely with Brandhaus, offering a dynamic solution to promote artists to the desired target market in the most cutting edge way. HSF Artist Services & Brandhaus work together and tailor strategies to the promotional benefit of artists across strategic social media platforms, promoting artists direct to their fans across social media.



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Brad Butcher - Travelling Salesman

Brad Butcher - Travelling Salesman


From the get go I’ve been trying to make this album,” says Brad Butcher looking over his new record, Travelling Salesman.

It may sound surprising for a man releasing his fourth long-player, having already won a Golden Guitar for New Talent Of The Year at Tamworth, and Country Song Of The Year in the 2018 Queensland Music Awards. But Travelling Salesmanis a landmark for the former Mackay boy whose hallmark is sometimes brutal honesty.

“In the past, because I wasn’t confident enough with my musicality, I let the producer take control. But this time around, after learning three previous times, and working with [producer] Matt Fell again, I was relaxed and confident and I walked into the room knowing exactly where the songs wanted to go.”

The confidence extended into his songwriting where “in the past I would still send them away to co-writers and stuff, to get that little finishing touch put on there. But this time around, I trusted myself and my gut a little more.”

The result is an album which focuses even more Butcher’s mix of country, folk and blues, brings some different toughness to the sound, and highlights his ability to write about families, the natural world, and something close to his heart, mental health.

“It’s coming from experience,” Butcher says. “I worked in a few different areas where I’ve seen the effect it had on people and families. You see it everywhere, and I’ve been deeply affected by it so I feel like as much as the expression [of it] helps other people, it helps me too.”

In these songs, about breaking out of the boundaries others set for us, finding a way through personal darkness, or just remembering the love your grandmother showed, these might be people you know. They might be you. But even if you’ve never experienced something like this, Butcher wants you to understand more.

“It’s all good and well to write a song and have people connect with it because it’s happened to them, but if you can listen to it and you’ve never been through it but you understand it, that’s what I’m most proud of.”

It’s a fourth album with a lot to be proud of.

“Yeah, I think we did okay.”

Bernard Zuel